Energypac Power Generation IPO Lottery Results Published


urmi : Energypac Power Generation Ltd.’s initial public offering (IPO) lottery draw result has been published on January 03, 2021. The draw event took place virtually after an IPO application period from December 07 to December 13. Earlier, the company was declared to be eligible for IPO shares on October 21, 2020, by the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) on its 745th meeting.
2,01,46,800 primary shares will be issued at a price of BDT 31 per share (with a 10% cut-off). Energypac is set to accumulate a total sum of BDT 62,45,50,800 from the general investors through these shares.
Previously, the eligible investors for bidding had decided the cut-off share price to be at BDT 35. The company is going to raise BDT 70,51,36,810 from the eligible investors, issuing a total of 2,01,46,766 shares.
The accumulated amount will be spent on the company’s business expansion, besides returning loans and maintaining IPO expenditures. Lanka Bangla Investment Ltd. is in charge of the company’s issue management.
According to the cumulated financial statement on June 30, 2019, the company’s net asset price per share (including revaluation reserves) stands at BDT 45.15, and net asset price (without revaluation reserves) stands at BDT 30.20. The earnings per share (EPS) at the time is BDT 3.13. Weighted average earnings per share for the last five years stands at BDT 2.21.